Bethesda at Bethel International Ministries - An Ascension gifted Church, learning how to walk in divine order
About Us
 Bethesda @ Bethel is a Multi-Cultural Family of Believers, who were lost and in need of a Savior, we were rescued from ourselves and the devil, we followed the devil blindly and now that, "EYES OF OUR UNDERSTANDING IS ENLIGHTENED," now that our hearts are hearts of meat and not stone, now that we are aware of Gods presence and continual blessings, we have decided to give our lives to Him.  We have decided to live for Christ, sharing the Truth, "Jesus," with everyone we know.  Are we making a pest of ourselves?  Yes, the Bible says that we are to go into the Highways and Hedges and COMPEL you to come," that means take lordship over you, drag you, kicking and screaming all the way.
 The Ministry here at Bethesda is under the Lion of the Tribe of Judah Prayer Ministry, which has been in place for 35 years, yes through every situation we turn to God and He hears us. Jer.33:3, we call and Abba answers. My life changed in 1978 and I was caught up in a vision after a traumatic experience at Church, I saw the Lord with His hands stretched over the Church, He told me that that little Church would remain until He returns, but that He would replace the Pastor in two weeks, and that is exactly what happened, the Pastor was fired and thus the ministry began. 
I began attempting to preach in a Baptist Church, you know how well that was received.  I was made to feel like a vessel of dishonor, because of my former lifestyle, but God gave me clarity in not many years later.  I began speaking a matter and it would be so,  and I have continue to hold fast from that day to this one, telling everyone that will listen that Jesus is Lord. 
 I moved  to Oregon from Hawaii, no its not a shock, I have seen God do a great and mighty work, one that has changed many lives, it has a strong work, a mighty move, and continues to be so. We have a heart for the people, why, because we needed guidance and direction as younger women and did not receive it. And now its our turn to get it right, Therefore, we are directing men and women to God, to a hope and a future, helping them to remove all obsession, fleshy behaviors and replacing groping in the dark with walking in the light.   
What is our Mission, our Mission is saving lives, baptizing you, teaching you, offering you healing, deliverance, offering you your future that has been sitting and waiting for you to come and receive your inheritance.  Rom. 8:30 Says that God has planned your life, but you must come to the light, out of the darkness, and give the devil a letter of divorce in order to receive your inheritance.  What inheritance, Read the Word.  He/God gave you everything, yet, we have nothing.  He placed you over the earth as its Husbandmen, caretaker.  Come, let us help you find your true calling, your true vision and move forward in the earth.
Solid Rock Community Church 
3535 Ward Dr NE Salem,OR

Sunday Service 2:00-4:15 PM
Adult Bible Study Thursday 7:30 
Bethesda One Step Children Theater & Bible Study Fri. 7:30